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The GREENEDGE Challenge

DATA challenge is launched within the GREENDGE action. It features three possible lines of work (from now on referred to as “projects”), respectively on 1) Cybersecurity: “Cyber Threats Detection through Network Energy Consumption Analysis”, 2) Image Classification: “Energy Aware Image Classification” and 3) Internet of Things: “Energy Efficient IoT Networks”. The projects deal with topics related to the GREENEDGE core mission, that is, to devise energy-efficient tools for computing in networks: their detailed description is available in the PDFs that are linked here below.  

BS, MS level and PhD students are invited to participate in the challenge. The submitted projects will undergo an evaluation by a team of scientists from the GREENEDGE consortium. The winners will be invited to participate in the final GREENEDGE workshop where they will present their work and will receive a prize. The final workshop will be co-located with an international conference and will take place around September 2024 (detailed instructions will follow).

In addition, possible extensions of the delivered solutions may be further studied together with the team winners for a subsequent paper publication.

See next for the detailed instructions (joining the challenge, project submission, etc.).

Projects Description

Project 2: Image Classification. “Energy Aware Image Classification”.
Project 3: Internet of Things. “Energy Efficient IoT Networks”.

Participation Instructions

  • Teams of up to 3 people are allowed. 
  • Subscribe to the challenge using the form at this link.
    • Participants are requested to indicate the project they would like to apply for (1. Cybersecurity, 2. Image classification, 3. Internet of Things). Multiple participations are allowed. 
  • Subscription deadline: May 15, 2024.
  • Three webinars will follow, one per project, where the GREENEDGE scientists will meet the teams, providing guidance and help in the definition of the objectives, clarifying any possible questions that the teams may have, as follows:
    • Webinar for problem statement 1 (Cybersecurity): May 20, 2024. 
    • Webinar for problem statement 2 (Image Classification): May 21, 2024.
    • Webinar for problem statement 3 (Internet of Things): May 22, 2024. 
  • Final project submission from the teams: June 15, 2024. (A submission link will be sent to the participants in due time).
  • Contest winners’ announcement: July 30, 2024.

Evaluation Phase

An evaluation report will be generated for each received solution. The final score will be decided by a review committee.

The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

  • adopted methodology (10 points);
  • achieved results (10 points);
  • code (8 points);
  • presentation (8 points).