Fifth Greenedge Training Event

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Greenedge School no. 5, held at University of OULU on Sept. 4-8, 2023

The fifth Greenedge training event has been hosted by the Center for Wireless Communications (CWC) at the University of OULU, in OULU, Finland, in collaboration with the 6G Flagship Research Programme and under the guidance of prof. Marcos Katz.

As our project is coming of age, this training event was dedicated to soft-skill training to guide our fellows toward their next career steps. As such, several training seminars were offered, among which: a project writing seminar offered by the Greenedge coordinator, prof. Michele Rossi, a seminar on entrepreneurship offered by Chaperone, a lecture on 6G business development offered by prof. Petri Ahokangas from the OULU Business School and seminars on sustainable ICT from Dr. Marja Matinmikko-Blue (Research Director of Infotech Oulu Institute; Director of Sustainability and Regulation at 6G Flagship) and prof. Marcos Katz. Finally, a lecture on creative problem solving was given by prof. Barbara Arfè from the Department of Developmental Psychology and Socialisation at the University of Padova.

The event was enriched by visits to experimental sites, labs and facilities: to the unique OULU CWC/6G flagship research facilities on advanced 6G Mobile Networks and to the prestigious VTT research center, where Greenedge fellows had a chance to visit VTT facilities for printed electronics (towards truly sustainable ICT/IoT solutions).

School Program

Mon – Sept. 4, 2023

Project Management


Michele Rossi (coordinator, UNIPD) 

Welcome and Coordinator Report


Parallel WP Meetings: WP3, WP4, WP5


Plenary: WP2 meeting


WP presentations: WP3, WP4, WP5


Social event

Tue – Sept. 5, 2023

Project Management


Supervisory Board Meeting
– discussion of PCDP, advancements per ESR, secondments
ESR1-5 (10 minutes per ESR)


Supervisory Board Meeting
– discussion of PCDP, advancements per ESR, secondments
ESR6-10 (10 minutes per ESR)


Supervisory Board Meeting
– discussion of PCDP, advancements per ESR, secondments
ESR6-10 (10 minutes per ESR)

Wed – Sept. 6, 2023



Prof. Michele Rossi, University of Padova, Seminar on “Project Writing”


Prof. Petri Ahokangas, Univ. of Oulu, “Seminar on 6G Business



Visit to University of Oulu

– 14:00 Introduction to University of Oulu by prof. Jukka Riekki (Dean of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Faculty)

– 14:30 Introduction to 6G Flagship by prof. Marcos Katz

– 15:00 Visit to 5G Test Network facilities

– 15:30 Coffee Break 

– 16:00 Visit to OULU VLC Lab

– Group photo at the university square

Thu – Sept. 7, 2023



Prof. Barbara Arfè, University of Padova, Training on “Problem Solving and Critical Thinking”



Dr. Marja Matinmikko-Blue and Prof. Marcos Katz, Univ. of OULU, “A Holistic Approach Toward Sustainable ICT”

Fri – Sept. 8, 2023

Site visit at VTT Laboratories


Mika Rantakokko, VTT, Welcome and VTT presentation 


Jarno Pinola, VTT, 5G/6G – testing, development and vertical cases


Visa Vallivaara, VTT, Quantum communications


Juho Paavola, VTT, Printed electronics – visit to VTT PrintoCent