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Greenedge is a Marie Skłodowska Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN). Its chief goal is to promote, design and implement  machine learning based computing systems for the mobile edge that are highly energy efficient. For this, a research and training program has been carefully developed covering multi-disciplinary topics spanning from machine learning to renewable energy resources.

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Green-by-design computing and communication paradigms are key for the energy sustainability of future mobile networks due the growing carbon footprint of ML/AI based computing services. Greenedge advocates energetically sustainable designs encompassing algorithms and systems. Renewable energy resources, such as wind or solar power, will be utilised to sustain the communication and computing tasks that run at the mobile network edge.


Greenedge targets the creation of a training network of 15 early stage researchers, who will carry out research on sustainable computing paradigms. They will confront a highly cross-disciplinary endeavour, mastering the fundamentals of energy generation and storage, mobile network management, machine learning, mathematical optimisation and distributed computing. By the end of the project, they will be ready to take a prominent role in the industry or academia, leading the design and implementation of green computing systems for the years to come.

The Greenedge research team features top-notch senior researchers spanning the fields of wireless networking, information theory, machine learning and renewable energy resources. Check us out!